leading the pack

We don’t just lead the pack when it comes to protecting pets — we blaze paths for others to follow. We continually invent game-changing products and services, and doggedly pursue uncharted opportunities, which is why Petplan was the first pet insurance provider to offer many member benefits that separate us from the pack, such as:

  • insuring pets of all ages six weeks or older, with no exclusions for hereditary and chronic conditions
  • offering paperless claims through a mobile app
  • providing 24/7 customer service hours

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the best protection for pets

Anyone can sell pet insurance, but not all policies are equal.
When it comes to your pet's protection, trust the leader of the pack:


  • We reimburse the cost of your vet exam fees for injuries and illnesses.

  • We know that pearly whites are an important part of your pet’s health, so coverage for dental diseases and injuries to all teeth are included in your policy.

  • We cover hereditary conditions — including hip dysplasia — for all breeds.


the pack

  • Exclude vet exam fees from reimbursements even for a covered illness or injury.

  • Exclude periodontal disease or certain teeth from coverage — or do not offer any dental coverage at all.

  • Limit coverage for hip dysplasia or exclude the condition completely.

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pet insurance with a proven pedigree

As the most comprehensive pet insurance provider in North America, nobody knows pet health better than Petplan. Globally, millions of pet parents around the world trust Petplan to protect their four-legged kids.

Our coverage, unparalleled customer service and in-depth knowledge of pet health lie at the heart of why today more veterinarians around the world recommend Petplan as the best pet insurance for dogs and cats.

pack-member perks

Comprehensive coverage and world-class support isn't all you get with Petplan pet insurance. Check out the extra member benefits Petplan policyholders get as a part of our pack:

digital tips and treats

Join our digital community of pet lovers! You’ll have access to fetch! emails, blog posts and other digital content packed with vet-authored tips, heartwarming stories and paw-picked products to help keep your pets happy and healthy.

Petplan mobile app

The Petplan app makes submitting claims a snap — literally! Simply upload photos of your invoice and medical records and you're done! You can also use it to find the nearest vet and learn more about the hereditary conditions common in your pet’s breed.


The PetCoach website and mobile app provide 24/7 access to pet docs and veterinary experts, so you can get answers to your pressing pet health questions, keep tabs on your pet’s medical records and manage upcoming appointments.


Helping pets — all pets — is the core of our mission; K-9 police dogs have missions of their own. Police dogs protect and serve communities like yours, but some police departments are unable to budget funds for veterinary care.

That's why Petplan partnered with the National Police Dog Foundation (NPDF) to create the K-9 Health Insurance Fund, which provides annual grants for a year of fully-funded pet insurance for police dogs. This fund sponsors this nose-to-tail protection based on support from Petplan and direct donations from the public — and the number of K-9 policies it provides increases every year the fund increases. When you protect your pets with Petplan, you’re also helping police dogs to stay healthy and ready for action.

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easy claims — expertly assessed

When your pet’s sick, the last thing you want to worry about is a mountain of paperwork, so we’ve made the claims process easy.

Unlike some other providers, all of our claims adjusters are licensed, experienced veterinary technicians who speak the language of your vet and understand medical records. This allows us to process your claims swiftly and accurately, usually within 5–14 days, reimbursing you the fullest amount possible.

unparalleled customer service


As a member of our privileged pack, we provide you with access to our in-house Happiness Managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As pet parents ourselves, we are available via phone, live chat and social media to help with whatever you need, whenever you need it.