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Don’t go for broke when your pet’s health is at stake – bet on pet insurance to protect your pet and your budget! Pet insurance reimburses you for unexpected vet bills when your pet gets sick or injured. Learn all about the benefits in October’s tips, and never gamble on pet health again.

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Did you know?

A whopping 73% of pet parents would go into debt to pay for their pet’s vet bills. And with the rising cost of veterinary care, that possibility isn’t too far-fetched. Find out why vet bills are bigger than ever, and learn what you can do to help cover your tail.

Learn why vet care is more expensive

Vet bills for non-routine dental treatments can really bite into your budget – but not every insurance plan covers them. And with 85% of pets showing signs of dental disease by age 3, those unexpected dental visits are more common than you’d think. Learn more about pet dental health and what insurance covers.

Find out why you need pet dental insurance

Tails of the unexpected

From rock ingestions to arthritis, play injuries to snake bites, Petplan has seen claims for just about everything. But thanks to Petplan protection and TLC from their pet parents, these pets walked away with the winning hand. Check out the amazing stories of these lucky Petplan-protected pets!

Read incredible pet “tails”

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  • 73%
  • of pet parents would go into debt to pay for their pet's veterinary care.*