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Petplan offers the most comprehensive coverage in one simple plan. Other pet insurance providers require riders or expensive add-ons to get what we offer as standard — or don’t cover it at all.

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  Petplan Nationwide Trupanion Healthy Paws
No upper age limits        
Illness waiting period 15 Days 14 Days 30 Days 15 Days
Curable exclusionary period 12 Months Undefined   Undefined
Sick visit exam fees   Plan Dependent    
COVERED FOR LIFE® advantage        
Comprehensive periodontal disease   Plan Dependent    
Alternative & homeopathic therapies   Plan Dependent Rider Dependent  
24/7 customer service        
Live chat available        
Dedicated claims app        
Years in business 42 36 18 9
American Animal Hospital Association Preferred Provider        
Preferred pet insurance provider to AARP members        
Proud supporter of National Police Dog Foundation        
Proud supporter of Pets for Patriots        

Information accurate as of March 2019.


Petplan offers the most comprehensive coverage in one simple plan. Other pet insurance providers require riders or expensive add-ons to get what we offer as standard.


exam fees covered

We cover the complete sick visit, exam fees included — saving you $50-$250 per vet visit.


full mouth dental coverage

Petplan covers dental injury and disease to all teeth, with no broad condition exclusions — other providers don’t.


no age limits

Some providers deny coverage for pets past a certain age. Petplan enrolls pets of all ages and covers them for life.


holistic care included

Acupuncture, chiropractic care, laser therapy, homeopathic medicine + more are covered at no extra cost.

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Petplan reviews

Pet health insurance saved the day for these pets — and Petplan’s worry-free service gave their families peace of mind.

  • 11

    Meet Sugar


    I've had Petplan for several years now and it has really paid for itself with my diabetic Pomeranian. Just a couple of weeks ago she got sick with pancreatitis and was hospitalized for over a week. The bills were over $5,000 ... They were very understanding and considerate during this difficult time and took care of everything easily.

    — Laura B.

    Facebook Review

  • 22

    Meet Quincy

    Domestic Shorthair

    Out of all the insurers, Petplan's model and coverage worked best for us. We cover routine care, Petplan covers illnesses and accidents; what's not to like? Well, shortly after we put Quincy on the plan, [he] … became very ill and needed emergency treatment. Petplan saved the day by covering $4,800 of the $5,000 procedure! Unreal!

    — Joaquin B.

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  • 33

    Meet Dexter

    Medium Mixed Breed

    I've had PetPlan insurance on my dogs since they were young pups. This year, my now 11 year old spaniel had cataract surgery, costing almost $4,000. I wasn't sure if his insurance would pay off after all these years, but today I received a check from PetPlan covering nearly the entire cost! I would recommend PetPlan to anyone.

    — Rebecca O.

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  • 44

    Meet Molly

    Beagle mix

    My Beagle mix Molly had torn both ligaments in her back legs and had to get 2 TPLO surgeries. So thankful for petplan because including therapy plus the surgeries it would have cost over $12,000! Where I will only be having to pay back $4,000 out of my own pocket after all is said and done. Petplan is a true life saver!

    — Marcy S.

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  • your share of the cost: $450
  • Petplan's reimbursement to you: $1,550
  • coverage remaining in policy period: Unlimited
    (full policy limits are reinstated upon renewal)