Petplan vs. Trupanion

Trupanion doesn’t come close to what Petplan offers

Petplan’s comprehensive pet insurance includes the holistic care and behavioral therapy Trupanion charges you extra for. Our plan also covers curable medical conditions which Trupanion refuses to cover at all. Plus, we don’t require a sign-up fee or limit enrollment based on your pet’s age.


Petplan's one simple plan covers what Trupanion does not, including:

  • Sick visit exam fees — saving you on average $50-$250 per vet visit
  • Up to $1,000 in virtual vet visits (video chat, call or text)
  • Comprehensive dental illness and disease (Trupanion doesn't cover every tooth)
  • Up to $1,000 in behavioral therapy and medicine

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Petplan vs. Trupanion comparison

  Petplan Trupanion
What's Covered    
Sick visit exam fees (Average cost $50-250)    
Virtual vet visits    
Dental disease & injury for all teeth    
Boarding fees    
Behavioral therapy & medications    
Policy Differences    
Upper age limit for enrollment None 14 years
Sign-up fee $0 Non-refundable $35
Illness waiting period 15 days 30 days
Injury waiting period 15 days 15 days

Information last updated July 2020.

  •   Covered
  •   Not Covered


Petplan is the industry leader for dental coverage

Petplan covers every adult tooth against accidents and illnesses such as the common periodontal disease—with no broad condition exclusions. 

Trupanion offers only limited dental coverage: Pets enrolled at 6 months or older will not be covered if their baby teeth do not fall out, which can cause serious dental issues. Teeth outside of the canine and carnassial teeth will also receive limited protection due to the estimated extraction cost.

Petplan offers more coverage for older pets

Unlike Trupanion, Petplan insurance all pets 6 weeks and older with no upper age limits.

Trupanion will not enroll pets age 14 or older.

Petplan loves pets of all ages, which is why we welcome even the most senior dogs and cats to enroll.

petplan vs trupanion age limits

Petplan covers exam fees

Every vet visit requires and exam, but not all providers will cover the attached fee.

Trupanion does not cover exam fees, which can cost you $50-$250 per visit.

Petplan covers the full sick visit– including exam fees.

petplan vs trupanion exam fee coverage

Petplan offers superior coverage for holistic care

Trupanion requires an expensive rider if you want coverage for acupuncture, chiropractic, hydrotherapy, naturopathy, physical therapy and rehabilitative therapy.

All of this holistic care is considered standard and covered on every Petplan policy.

Petplan makes filing a claim easy

Petplan’s free mobile app allows you to snap a photo and instantly submit your pet’s medical paperwork as well as the vet bill. This means your claim will be processed faster and the reimbursement will be sent to you the next business day.

Trupanion does not have a dedicated claims app.

Petplan covers curable illnesses

Trupanion does not cover curable medical conditions. Any illness that shows signs within 18 months prior to your enrollment date or during the waiting periods will not be eligible for coverage, regardless if they are later cured.

If your pet goes a full year without symptoms, Petplan will protect your pet against the medical condition going forward.

petplan vs trupanion curable illness coverage

Petplan has flexible reimbursement options

Petplan recognizes that every family’s needs are different. That’s why our plan is fully customizable to fit your budget without sacrificing your pet’s coverage.

Trupanion only offers 90% reimbursement and unlimited coverage. There’s no flexibility for you to choose an annual limit or deductible you can afford.

Petplan’s extras don’t cost extra

Petplan covers advertising and rewards for lost pets as well as holiday vacation cancellation costs at no additional fee.

To receive this same coverage with Trupanion, you must pay additional for their Pet Owner Assistance Package.

Petplan also covers up to $1,000 per year for each of the following:

  • Boarding fees
  • Virtual visits
  • Behavioral therapy and medicine

With Petplan, these benefits are included at no extra charge. There is no co-pay or deductible and best of all, you can pick any vet in the US or Canada.

Other providers, including Trupanion, will charge you extra for this same coverage.

petplan vs trupanion coverage

Petplan offers the most comprehensive pet insurance

When it comes to protecting your furry loved one from the unexpected, only one provider will do – Petplan. While other plans may appear cheaper, the most comprehensive coverage will ultimately save you more money on vet bills throughout your pet’s life.

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Policy terms and conditions vary. Policyholders should refer to their specific terms and conditions for more details.

Wiggs R, Lobprise H. (1997). Periodontology. In Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice (pp. 186-231). Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Raven.

Based on a comparison of Trupanion core policy coverage as of June, 2020.

Virtual visits are referred to in the policy as Telehealth treatments. Petplan will reimburse up to $1,000 for medically necessary telehealth treatments. Coverage is not available in all states and may vary.

Hip dysplasia coverage may be subject to limitations based on pet age at policy inception or renewal.