trupanion vs. petplan comparison

Petplan vs. Trupanion Comparison

When you're shopping for pet insurance, it's only natural to compare providers. Your pet's health coverage is one of the most important investments you'll make over his or her life! Rather than making you paw through all the info and insurance-y jargon, we've put together a side-by-side comparison of how our competitors stack up (or don't!) to Petplan.

Overall, Trupanion offers many of the same benefits to pet owners that Petplan does, but there are a few important differences between us that can make a big impact on how much coverage you actually have — and how much reimbursement you receive.

Age Limits

Have an older pet? If your furry friend is graying at the muzzle, Trupanion will not enroll pets age 14 or older. Petplan believes that every pet deserves the best veterinary care — and that need only increases as pets age. Because of that, there are no upper age limits for enrollment on our policies. We're proud to help keep senior dogs and cats healthy.

Annual vs. Per-Incident Deductible

Are you looking for a flexible provider that lets you decide what your policy will look like? Bet on Petplan. We offer a completely customizable policy — and unlike Trupanion, that includes the option to choose an annual deductible. With Petplan, you decide how you want your pet insurance to work for you, and we give you full freedom to do so.

Veterinary Exam Fees

Did you know that the fee to examine your pet for an illness or injury usually ranges between $50 and $250? Imagine visiting the vet four or five times to treat a furry friend's chronic condition…those vet fees add up fast! Under a Trupanion policy, you aren't reimbursed for veterinary exam fees. Their coverage only pays you back for the cost of the treatment your pet receives. When you're Petplan protected, you have peace of mind that you're always reimbursed what your vet charges for the treatment – including the exam fee.

Periodontal Disease Coverage

By the time pets are three years old, 85% of them show signs of periodontal disease. Shouldn't your pet insurance policy cover that? We think so, which is why Petplan insurance includes comprehensive coverage for oral disease and injuries to all teeth. Trupanion excludes treatment related to retained deciduous teeth if your pet was enrolled at or greater than 6 months of age. Treatment costs for teeth other than canine and carnassial teeth will be limited to the estimated extraction cost.

Alternative Therapies

If your pet develops arthritis, back problems or needs surgery, your veterinarian will likely recommend alternative therapies like acupuncture, chiropractic or physical rehabilitation to get him back on his paws. A Petplan policy includes these treatments in your coverage. Trupanion makes you buy an additional Recovery and Complementary Care Rider to receive coverage for acupuncture, behavioral modification, chiropractic, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, naturopathy, physical therapy, and rehabilitative therapy.

Customer Service

While both Trupanion and Petplan strive to provide an excellent customer experience, Petplan's service is top-rated time and time again. Not only that, but we make it as convenient as possible to connect with us. When you're a part of the Petplan pack, you can enjoy the convenience of live chat customer service, as well as the ease of paper-free claims via the Petplan mobile app. Just snap a pic of your documents and you're done — no need to paw through paperwork.


Based on a comparison of core policy coverages between Petplan and Trupanion as of March 2019.