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At Valentine’s Day, Keep Your Pets from Being Poisoned


If your "love potion #9" mixes chocolates and flowers, be sure to recognize the dangers of these sweet gifts to pets. 

PHILADELPHIA (February 9, 2011) — With more than 58 million pounds of chocolate and $350 million in flowers sold for Valentine's Day, Americans show their love with these gifts. Although a sweetheart may be the intended recipient of chocolates and flowers, it's important to remember that pets have quite a penchant for making these gifts their own. Chocolate and certain flowers are poisonous to pets and can cause serious illnesses – and even death – when ingested. A pet ingesting chocolate requires immediate emergency care – care that often results in significant veterinary bills. This Valentine's Day, Petplan, the nation's leading pet insurance provider, reminds all lovebirds to take precautions to keep their pets safe.

"Many pets suffer from what the veterinary industry refers to as ‘dietary indiscretion' – eating things they shouldn't," said Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President of Veterinary Services for Petplan. "Around Valentine's Day chocolate is abundant and there is a greater risk for pets to ingest it. Many don't realize that even a small amount of chocolate can be fatal to a dog. And the darker and more concentrated the chocolate, the higher the risk to pets."

Petplan offers the following tips to pet parents to help mitigate Valentine's Day danger for your pet(s):

  • Keep any/all chocolate in a sealed container and out of the reach of inquisitive pets.
  • Keep floors clean and clear of crumbs, plant leaves, and wrappings.
  • When ordering a floral arrangement, avoid toxic plants, notably lilies, azaleas, and chrysanthemums. If sending roses, ask the florist to remove the thorns as pets can be injured by stems.
  • Be prepared for any unexpected pet health issues with up-to-date pet insurance.

About Petplan

Petplan is America's #1 pet insurance provider, offering comprehensive accident and illness health insurance for dogs and cats. Petplan offers simple, customizable policies to meet any coverage requirements and budget and is the only pet health insurance provider to cover all hereditary and congenital conditions for the life of the pet without dollar limits per condition. For more information, visit www.GoPetplan.com or call 1-866-467-3875.

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