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Petplan is #DrivenToBark on Behalf of Pets

  • Dogs can suffer heat stroke and die in less than 15 minutes in a hot environment.
  • Even on a cool, 72°F day, a car’s temperature can shoot up a staggering 40°F in one hour.1
  • Most of that temperature increase occurs within the first 30 minutes.
  • Even in the shade, a car’s temperature can quickly soar to dangerous levels
  • Cracking the windows open has little effect2 on the temperature in the car.
  • By the time a dog shows visible signs of heat stroke, it’s often too late to save them.

Sadly, many pet parents simply don’t realize how dangerous it can be to leave their furry friend in a car. “Heat stroke can permanently damage a pet’s health very rapidly,” explains Dr. Jules Benson, Chief Veterinary Medical Officer for Petplan. “The change of only a few degrees to a dog’s normal body temperature can quickly result in coma, organ dysfunction, permanent brain damage or even death.”

The needless, agonizing deaths endured by dogs every single year is why Petplan is Driven to Bark. “Protecting pets is at the core of everything we do,” says Petplan Co-Founder and Co-CEO Natasha Ashton. “And as pet parents ourselves, it breaks our hearts that so many dogs needlessly suffer and die every year. This simply has to change.”

On August 4, 2014, Petplan is launching their petition and a dedicated website with more information and real stories at GoPetplan.com/Driven-to-Bark. They’ll also be barking from the rooftops with a nationwide social media campaign. On Facebook and Twitter, the campaign will be driven on a national level by the hashtag #DriventoBark, and on a local one by the hashtag #DriventoBarkIn, e.g. #DriventoBarkInPA, #DriventoBarkInTX.

It seems that every day, there are new reports of dogs dying in hot cars – but while there is plenty of awareness around this issue, there needs to be change as well. Petplan wants to lend a paw to create real, lasting and legal change that will end the unnecessary suffering of these furry friends.

To sign the paw-tition and to learn more, visit www.GoPetplan.com/driven-to-bark.

1 http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/116/1/e109/F3.expansion.html
2 http://www.redrover.org/mydogiscool/how-hot-do-cars-get 

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