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Petplan Provides Travel Tips for Fido and Fluffy



  • Use the vet finder at www.gopetplan.com/find-a-vet to scope out local veterinarians ahead of time, including emergency clinics.  


  • Ask your regular veterinary hospital to make a copy of your pet’s recent medical history to take with you – some facilities may even be able to give them to you electronically on a CD or USB device.  


  •  Consider making a special collar tag for traveling that has either the phone number of where you will be staying and/or your cell phone number so that if your pet wanders off, you are immediately reachable.  Additionally, ensure that your pet’s microchip details include your cell phone, and not just your home phone number.  


  • Make sure you travel with enough of your pet’s regular food to last a few days beyond your anticipated stay – a sudden change in your pet’s diet could cause gastrointestinal issues.  


  • If your pet needs any medications, take extra care to ensure you have enough to last a few days beyond your anticipated stay. If you think you may run out before you are due to return home, make time to get your pet’s meds refilled before you leave.  


  • Consult with your veterinarian before you leave about diseases or problems that may be more of a risk in the areas you plan to travel. For example, Leptospirosis can vary from region to region, and Lyme disease is prevalent in the Northeast.  


  • If you plan on crossing state lines, schedule a trip to your veterinarian before traveling to get a health certificate – law enforcement officials may ask to see a certificate if you are traveling from one state to another.   

These tips are no substitute for a discussion with your pet’s veterinarian, but hopefully they will provide some guidance before you hit the road.

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