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Petplan Reminds that Spring Allergens Bother Pets Too!


As flowers and trees begin to bloom, pet parents should be aware of their pets’ susceptibility to seasonal allergies.

PHILADELPHIA (March 17, 2011) - It's that time of year again. Many people suffer from seasonal allergies, but few know that their pets are also susceptible – especially in spring. Along with the beautiful blooms, a host of allergens can make this time of year uncomfortable for pets. As the nation starts to emerge from a difficult winter and temperatures begin to rise, Petplan, America's top-rated pet insurance provider, encourages pet parents to help decrease their pet's allergic reactions with a few environmental considerations and proper veterinary care.

"Similar to hay fever in humans, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies too. The common signs are licking and chewing at paws or skin, increased scratching at ears and sometimes reddening or scabbing of the skin," says Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President of Veterinary Services for Petplan. "Veterinarians can prescribe antihistamines, steroids and antibiotics to help pets through this difficult time."

Petplan offers these tips to minimize the effect of seasonal allergies on pets:

  • If your pet chews at their paws, make sure to gently clean them when they come in from playing or walking outside. Using even just warm water, or adding a bit of gentle pet shampoo can help to remove some surface allergens.
  • Add fish oils to their diet. Using Omega-3 oils (such as cod liver oil or salmon oil) can help to increase the overall health of a pet's skin.
  • Use a hydrating shampoo. Ask your vet for advice or a recommendation of gentle hydrating shampoos, which increase the skin's natural resistance to irritation.
  • If your pet is suffering from seasonal allergies, discuss remedies that may alleviate their discomfort with a veterinarian.

To learn more about Petplan, visit www.GoPetplan.com.

About Petplan

Petplan is America's #1 pet insurance provider, offering comprehensive accident and illness health insurance for dogs and cats. Petplan offers simple, customizable policies to meet any coverage requirements and budget and is the only pet health insurance provider to cover all hereditary and congenital conditions for the life of the pet without dollar limits per condition. For more information, visit www.GoPetplan.com or call 1-866-467-3875.

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