joining paws with the national police dog foundation

German Shepherd police dog wearing safety vest | Refer a friend to Petplan and help support the National Police Dog Foundation


Police dogs face a variety of serious occupational hazards that can result in costly veterinary bills; unfortunately, risk is part of the job. These canine crusaders provide invaluable services to their communities, but some police departments are unable to budget funds for injury and illness protection for their K-9 officers.

No one knows better than Petplan pet insurance how unexpected veterinary bills can wreak havoc on budgets, so we’ve joined forces with the National Police Dog Foundation (NPDF) to help ease this financial burden on our public servants — while guaranteeing the best possible medical care for hardworking police dogs.

The K-9 Health Insurance Fund that sponsors full grants for this nose-to-tail protection was first created in 2017 with a donation from Petplan, which funded five initial grants. After the first year, hugely successful fundraising efforts allowed the 2018 class of grant recipients to increase tenfold, and the program continues to grow.

Each year, these grants help police departments keep their courageous canines healthy and ready to protect communities like yours.