all strung out

all strung out
Posted by on Jun 27 2016

Having a cat is a lot like having a child — and Dash is permanently stuck in the toddler phase. Mom Jamine calls the mischievous feline a “complete and total rascal,” which proved absolutely true after Dash devoured his brand new mouse-on-a-string toy. He got himself a round-trip ticket to the vet when he started vomiting little mouse pieces and walking lopsided.

An ultrasound showed the mouse — still on its string — wrapped around his intestine. It was removed during surgery, and Jamine has since retired her handful-of-a-cat from mousing. “We learned our lesson and switched to laser toys,” she laughs. “We’re very lucky he’s ok, and I can’t overstate enough the importance of having pet insurance for things like this!”

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$3,050 for foreign body ingestion