always be purr-pared

always be purr-pared
Posted by on Mar 31 2015

Soft kitties. Warm kitties. Little balls of fur.

There are few joys more precious than cuddling a little “lion” on your lap — just ask the pet parents of any kittens like these two, who leapt and lounged their way through our photo shoot. But as irresistible as they are, our feline friends can encounter the same health cat-astrophes as any other four-legged family member.

Domestic Shorthair cats (which tend to be mixed breeds) like these kittens, who were adopted through the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), generally have fewer hereditary health issues than their purebred cousins — but they can still get their paws into unexpected trouble. Injuries (meowch!), accidents (even if they were the dog’s fault) and illnesses common among kitties such as heart conditions, diabetes and kidney disease are just a few of the bumps that can occur on a kitten’s road through a long, healthy life.

So while these kittens’ new parents can’t guess what lies ahead in their health, they can protect them with Petplan; that way, they’ll be purr-pared for whatever surprises the cats drag in.

sprout + doodle
6-week-old domestic shorthairs

unexpected tails
$10,000+ if these kitties develop (not uncommon) chronic issues such as diabetes or heart disease