back in the game

back in the game
Posted by on Feb 20 2013

“Once you go Jack, you never go back,” laughs Ann Fox, mom to Petey, a 13-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Petey’s had his fair share of trouble, including being stung by wasps and sprayed by skunks — four times! (This year, Ann dressed Petey up as a skunk for Halloween. “If you can’t beat them, join them!” she smiles). But Petey’s most recent health issues were nothing to laugh about.

During a walk on New Year’s Eve, Petey became rigid, refusing to move. Ann rushed him to the emergency vet, where Petey was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his spine. It took more than five hours of surgery to repair the disc, and Petey’s recovery was hampered by adverse reactions to medication. Weeks of laser therapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture were needed to get Petey up to speed. “Thankfully I had Petplan, which covered it all. Without pet insurance I’m not sure what I would have done.” While Petey’s back issues have slowed him down, Ann is thankful to have her best friend back. “He’s everything to me. I’m truly blessed.”

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$2,477 for surgery to correct a ruptured disc, and ear infections

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