a breath of fresh air

a breath of fresh air
Posted by on May 24 2011

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. As an obedience instructor, Judy Cerney knows that phrase well, but never expected it to apply to her four-month-old Flat-coated Retriever, Travis. “We were playing ‘Pass the Pup’ at puppy class and, of course, Travis was milking everyone for treats,” laughs Judy. Later that night when Travis became ill, Judy and Ron assumed he had one too many treats during game time.

When he became lethargic and feverish, they knew something was amiss. At the emergency vet clinic, an X-ray revealed the culprit: aspiration pneumonia. “For a four-month old dog, you might expect to have to deal with an accident or two,” says Judy, “but not pneumonia!” Thankfully, a prescription for Baytril and some TLC helped Travis return to his daily routine — participating in field trial training and playing with his seven-year-old “brother” Spencer (also a Flat-coated Retriever) — quickly. Better still, Petplan picked up the bill, leaving the Cerneys with one less thing to worry about. “It’s such a joy to see the boys playing together,” says Judy, happily.

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