a bumpy ride

a bumpy ride
Posted by on Feb 08 2013

As a pet parent to two tiny Yorkshire Terriers, Raquel knows first-hand (er, -paw) how priceless peace of mind can be when it comes to protecting your pets. After watching a friend suffer through the pains of dealing with enormous vet bills, Raquel enrolled both her “cuddle buddies” with Petplan at an early age. “They’re my family,” beams Raquel. “I worry about them all the time. With dog insurance, should something happen to them, I won’t be put in a situation where the cost becomes overwhelming.”

Raquel’s policy came into play when she discovered a bump on her smallest four-legged family member, Minnie, after a grooming session. Concerned it was a tumor, she rushed her best friend into the vet, where Minnie was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia, which required surgery to correct. Thankfully the recovery (and the reimbursement) was quick.

Minnie’s incident hasn’t stopped her or her brother Chico from seeking out trouble. “They have a tendency to chew up my ear buds,” admits Raquel. “In fact, they’ve destroyed 16 pairs so far. So now I order them in bulk.”