close to home

close to home
Posted by on Jun 03 2014

A dog’s heart can always find happiness close to home — just ask the parents of Sophie, a rescued French Bulldog and senior furry staffer at Petplan.

Michael (a Petplan Happiness Manager) and his wife, Dolores, met Sophie in 2009 after submitting an adoption application to the French Bulldog Rescue Network. A few days later, they were surprised to learn that their new family member was being fostered just a block away from their house!

Sophie was a perfect fit with the family’s other adopted Frenchies, Henry and Rosa, and loved cuddling with human pals — a pastime that might have saved her life.

Two years ago, Michael discovered a growth on Sophie during a snuggle session. It appeared benign, but the family vet excised and biopsied it, just to be sure. “It actually ended up being a mast cell tumor,” remembers Michael, “but thankfully we were able to have it removed without any questions, because we had insurance.”

Fortunately, Sophie has been cancer-free ever since. “She’s got quite a bit of spring in her step for a senior gal,” smiles Michael, “and so do we, knowing she’s happy and healthy.”

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$382 to remove a mast cell tumor

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