coming out on top

coming out on top
Posted by on Dec 07 2011

Beacon’s always had a nose for competition. In 2008, he officially retired from running the annual Jack Russell Terrier Recreational Race Championships, but never stopped “training.”

“With the number of times we’ve played catch, he’s probably run over 500 miles in seven years,” beams his pet parent, Jack. Of course, it takes more than physical excellence to be a champion. It takes dedication, focus and most importantly, smarts. When the opportunity to un-retire arose, Beacon jumped at the chance to regain his title in 2009.

Of course, to his pet parents, Beacon and his two-year-old Jack Russell Terrier sister, Bounce, will always be number one. That’s why they made the wise investment to protect them with pet insurance. Should they ever develop problems Jack Russell Terriers are prone to, such as cataracts, deafness or skin conditions, they can rely on Petplan to help them come out on top.

pet parent
jack russell

expected tail
$1,500 to $20,000 if beacon inherits cataracts, deafness or skin conditions, as jack russells are prone to do

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vienna, va