a curious tail

a curious tail
Posted by on Nov 30 2015

Not all cats who wander are lost — some are just curious! Take Milo, for example, whose frightened escape spiraled into an adventure. His mom Brittany, a Petplan Happiness Manager, was carrying him into the office when a loud noise startled him. “He flew out of his harness and headed through the parking garage,” she recalls.

After hours of searching and a tip from a police officer, Brittany found Milo at a nearby supermarket (across a four-lane highway). Though he made it home unharmed, Milo found trouble just a few months later in the form of a urinary obstruction. “It was potentially life-threatening, and he needed surgery to prevent it from happening again. Because I have Petplan, saying ‘yes’ was a no-brainer,” says Brittany. “I’m just so grateful that he’s here and healthy today!”

1-year-old domestic shorthair

lives in
wrightstown, pa

unexpected tail
$3,661 for surgery to treat a urinary tract obstruction