cut to the chase

cut to the chase
Posted by on Dec 07 2011

The lessons Chase learned as a kitten on the streets have fared him well over his 11 mostly healthy years. So when this “big man cat” started dropping weight unexpectedly in June, Lauren grew worried.

Blood tests and a liver biopsy confirmed Chase had hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) – a common condition in cats that causes lack of appetite, forcing the body to burn fat for energy. Most cases of fatty liver disease don’t have a known cause, which can be very difficult for the pet parents.

“Thankfully he started to eat on his own right before they were about to put in a feeding tube,” recalls Lauren. “After that he recovered fairly quickly. We really lucked out.”

Chase’s treatment put a $2,321 dent in Lauren’s pocket, but thanks to her Petplan pet insurance – which she has to help keep all three of her cats protected – it only cost her $200.

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