delivering a miracle

delivering a miracle
Posted by on Mar 23 2016

The best four-legged mothers are selfless, steady and strong. A flourishing field dog turned puppy parent, Chase had all of the right qualities when it came to her new bundles of fur. Even when faced with complications during delivery — sadly, three pups did not survive — she never missed a beat, ending up with four big, beautiful puppies.

The pups have since bloomed thanks to her top-dog parenting, and Chase is back in the field where she loves to be. Pet parent Dennis is grateful she made a comeback after such great emotion and loss, and relieved the expenses were covered. “It’s just good to be covered for these unforeseen emergencies,” says Dennis. “We feel more confident and comfortable because we have pet insurance.”

5-year-old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

lives in
Skillman, NJ

unexpected tail
$2,556 for complications giving birth