dive right in

dive right in
Posted by on Nov 30 2015

For Hachi’s first holiday, the greatest gift of all was a frolic in the snow. “The first snow he ever saw, Hachi went bonkers and tried to dive right into it, even though it was just an inch deep!” says mom Nancy. “Now he’ll sit out on the snow like he’s tanning at the beach.”

But it hasn’t been all fun and fluffy white stuff for young Hachi — though he recently turned a year old, he’s already plowed through a benign growth, kennel cough, giardia and conjunctivitis. With unwavering attention and TLC at home, Hachi is well on his way to good health. “We’re lucky he’s only had common issues,” Nancy says. “And we’re glad we have Petplan to help!”

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$755 for treatment of histiocytoma, kennel cough, giardia and conjunctivitis