empire state of mind

Posted by on May 23 2011

Yahoo’s journey to the Bronx came via the folks at Animal Planet’s Last Chance Highway, who rescued Yahoo and his brother Google from the south and put them up for adoption on Petfinder.com. (Talk about an Empire State of Mind!) Now living comfortably with Stephanie and her husband Linton, Yahoo spends most of his time sneaking up on his pet parents’ ears and chasing squirrels around New York. “He loves to nibble ears,” laughs Stephanie.

“He’s very sneaky about it – he jumps at my ear and gives me a wet willie . . . it’s really, really gross. If we go for a walk, he stops at every tree to see if there’s a squirrel.” Although he’s been healthy thus far, Stephanie knows protecting Yahoo with Petplan is the only way to be safe. “Boston’s can have a lot of allergies and breathing problems - we didn’t want to be put in the position to make a tough decision about his health. We chose Petplan because they cover all hereditary and chronic conditions. And we love that we can do everything online.”

pet parents
stephanie & linton small

unexpected tail
$500 to $20,000+ if Yahoo inherits atopic dermatitis as Bostons are prone to do

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bronx, ny