fetching a return

fetching a return
Posted by on Dec 04 2013

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but don’t tell that to Baku, who still plays like a puppy.

“His favorite game is to run down the stairs when we throw a toy,” giggles mom Amy. “We call it ‘fe’ — it’s not ‘fetch’ because he never returns it!”

Baku may not bring tossed toys back, but what this former “hobo dog” does bring to Amy, who rescued him nine years ago, is pure joy and unconditional love.

Unfortunately, Baku’s health issues have caused more frowns than smiley faces. Over the years, he’s battled colitis as well as epilepsy, now managed by diet through a homeopathic vet. Still, Amy, a vet tech of eight years and a Senior Happiness Manager at Petplan, is happy he’s insured. “At this point in his life, I worry about his kidneys and back. But I also know if something happens, I won’t have to worry about my wallet.”

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$494 for colitis

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