finding nemo

finding nemo
Posted by on May 24 2011

Whenever Michelle Kuo is having trouble “finding Nemo,” all she has to do is check outside. “He loves to forage for food,” laughs Michelle. “Anytime we go for a walk he’ll eat anything he finds. He loves tree bark.” Despite living in the suburbs, Nemo takes every opportunity to connect with nature. “Just the other day he took a big chunk out of a mushroom!” exclaims Michelle. Nemo’s “natural” diet (and unnatural vomiting) led to a bout of gastroenteritis, so Michelle switched them to a chicken diet, until Ching Ching developed dermatitis as a result of a food allergy! Despite their troubles, both are absolute character. “Ching Ching has always been smart – he’s a little prince. But Nemo, on the other hand, is so naïve and innocent – he’ll do (or eat) anything.” When he’s not foraging for wildflowers (a.k.a. lunch) on the trails of Anza-Borrego State Park, Nemo is working towards being certified as a therapy dog. “In addition to being in tune with Nature, he’s very in tune with people who are sick, injured, or elderly – he has a gift for that sort of thing.”

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$241 for gastroenteritis and dermatitis

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