a frosty start

a frosty start
Posted by on Dec 30 2014

Adding a new pet to a fur-filled family can sometimes lead to a frosty start — literally!

After traveling to Tennessee to break the ice on the adoption of their new best friend, Leonard and Lisa got caught in a fur-raising winter storm on the way home. But once they made it to Pennsylvania safe and hound, Sophie’s sunny sheepdog demeanor broke through the clouds.

The pup’s pawsitive disposition wasn’t the only thing her family noticed; while her fellow pack mates got excited about mealtime, Sophie seemed disinterested. When her eating issues escalated to vomiting and diarrhea, a trip to the vet was on the menu.

Sophie was diagnosed with a digestive disorder and chronic urinary tract infections, requiring lifestyle changes to treat. Now, in addition to frequent bathroom breaks to help keep her UTI-free, Sophie takes a daily probiotic and sticks to one type of food to keep her tummy on track. “The treatment got her back to her sunny self, and was easier to afford because of Petplan,” beams Lisa.

With another storm passed, Lisa can delight in how Sophie lights up her life. “Sophie put paw prints on my heart,” she smiles, “and they’ll stay there forever.”

6-year-old old english sheepdog

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lisa and leonard balk

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$424 for vomiting & diarrhea; $1,301 for urinary tract infections

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lansdale, pa