up fur adventure

up fur adventure
Posted by on Jun 03 2014

Every adventurer has a few interesting tales, but one cat named Mose has an unusual tail — literally! Instead of a long tail like most cats, Mose has a small stub he inherited from his ancestors on the Isle of Man. The one thing Mose isn’t short on? Purr-sonality!

“It’s hilarious when Mose is excited,” smiles his mom Cara, a Claims Specialist at Petplan. “His little tail twirls around like a helicopter!” Other favorite activities include running laps around the house, wrestling and playing fetch — especially with stolen hair ties. But those happy pastimes have led Mose down the path of danger more than once.

Recently, Cara’s feline purr-loiner needed a trip to the emergency vet after snacking on an earring that fell to the floor unobserved. “Thankfully, it didn’t cause any internal damage, but it did give us quite a scare,” admits Cara, who avoided most of the costs of the exploratory surgery thanks to Petplan.

“Working in the Claims Department, I see so many cases of dogs and cats eating crazy, dangerous things. I never expected it to happen to us, but that’s why we have insurance!”

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$1,800 for surgery to remove a swallowed earring

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