good as gold

good as gold
Posted by on Sep 25 2015

Some pets have all the luck, and then there’s Chili. His luckless streak kicked off with a UTI when he was just a pup, but (paws crossed), that’s all water under the bridge. A typical Goldendoodle — with the cleverness of the Poodle and the appetite of the Golden Retriever — Chili once sniffed out mom Lisa’s engagement ring and swallowed it (which she later retrieved the unpleasant way).

As he matured, Chili developed painful polyarthritis. But just as soon as he bounced back, he stepped on a bee and the limping returned. Even when all is good as gold, dad Roger is ready for the next unfortunate event thanks to Petplan. “By having pet insurance, you’re ahead of the game if you have a problem,” he says.

7-year-old goldendoodle

lives in
warminster, pa

unexpected tail
$6,743 for treatment of a UTI, foreign body ingestion, polyarthritis and swollen paw