governing the body

governing the body
Posted by on May 23 2011

Working and living in Washington, D.C. had its benefits, but a social life wasn’t one of them. “If you wanted a friend in D.C., you had to get a dog – or in my case – cats,” says Lisa, pet parent to sisters Roo (or “Yagi” to his Japanese friends) and Phyphe. They were only six-months-old when Lisa adopted them, but have since grown into older and wiser members of the family at their new home in Pennsylvania.

“They’re like little people, you know?” Lisa relates. Unfortunately, they’ve encountered their share of problems along the way, including health problems common to older cats. Phyphe suffers from renal failure, while Roo has had to deal with lymphoma and hyperthyroidism (and its expensive radiation therapy). “I want to give them the best quality of life possible,” says Lisa. “In the past, problems like these might have forced me to put my pet down. But with Petplan we can see the specialists we need and give my girls the kind of care they deserve.”

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$2,634 (so far) for renal failure, hypercalcemia and more

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