a guardian angel

a guardian angel
Posted by on Dec 28 2016

Angel’s fluffy fur is as white as snow, but it’s his wing-like ear tufts that inspired his name. And whether he’s carrying around his favorite pink sock or lounging with his humans, he certainly lives up to it. “He’s a typical loving cat, very sweet and cuddly,” smiles mom Patty. So when he started acting lethargic, she knew he was really sick.

Not to mention, his paw pads were swelling and peeling so walking was painful, and he had a crunchy coating on his ears. Angel was immediately referred to an emergency vet, where they diagnosed a treatable autoimmune disease called pemphigus. “I have pet insurance, so it was nice to say, ‘Do whatever you need to do!’” says Patty.

heavenly angel

6-year-old birman

lives in

Essex Fells, NJ

unexpected tail

$1,104 for pemphigus