hats off

hats off
Posted by on Aug 19 2013

A professional milliner, Rod is used to making (and wearing) a lot of hats — including that of loving pet parent to Ferris, a 4-year-old Burmese.

“He’s the light of my life,” smiles Rod. “Ferris wakes me in the morning, snuggles me to sleep, and hangs out in our millinery studio during the day, basking under the table lamps, helping sort out beads, feathers and ribbons, and entertaining customers with his curious candor.”

When Ferris developed itchy ears, Rod rushed his furry helper to veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Chaitman at Veterinary Internal Medicine and Allergy Specialists, who referred him to the Animal Medical Center-New York, where Ferris was diagnosed with an infection inside his inner ear drum, and underwent surgery to remove an aural polyp.

As Rod recalls, “We had to give him ear drops and other medication for 10 days, but I had a check from Petplan before his treatment was complete. I was blown away.” Meanwhile, Ferris was back where he belonged, home with his dad and healthy once again. Hats off to Petplan for saving the day!

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$2,232 for surgery to remove an infected aural polyp

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