jumping for joy

jumping for joy
Posted by on Feb 20 2013

Best friends often have a spring in their step, but Chompers can bounce around the house like a pogo stick. So when this normally spry Rat Terrier suddenly started limping, her mom thought it was just a sprain. A trip to the vet revealed Chompers had a luxating patella, causing her kneecap to move out of its normal location. For a super active dog whose favorite game is Frisbee, it was a debilitating blow, so Jacqueline scheduled her best friend for surgery right away. “Luckily we had Petplan pet insurance,” notes Jacqueline.

Just like an elite athlete, Chompers recovered from her knee surgery quickly, thanks to TLC and some time spent snuggling with her best friend, a cat named Sprout. “The doctors said she would recover 80 or 90 percent, but she’s recovered 110 percent,” beams Jacqueline proudly. “She’s like a new dog, and she can jump higher than she could before the surgery. Seeing her face light up outside, running circles, gives me pure joy.”

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$2,568 for surgery to correct a luxating patella

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