king of the turf

king of the turf
Posted by on May 19 2015

If cats are colorful characters, then Ty has the whole spectrum covered — but when this playful king of his turf lost his other kitty half, Chloe, he suffered some serious heartbreak. Ty became depressed and refused to eat, which led to severe constipation. But he was also extremely thirsty, surfing through several water dish refills a day. Mom Annie hurried him to the vet, who quickly diagnosed diabetes.

Ty now requires two insulin shots per day, high-fiber food and a strict feeding schedule. Despite his difference, he remains the alpha of the house, testing any new pets in his own special way. “We call it ‘bop-tizing’,” laughs Annie. “If he bops the new guy on the head, then we know he’s accepted into the pack.”

10-year-old domestic shorthair

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$1,791 for treatment of diabetes mellitus