laughter is the best medicine

Posted by on Aug 27 2012

When it comes to clowns, look no further than the Pug, especially the affable and laughable Benny. When he’s not busy being a “cuddle bug” at the Petplan office, he’s putting a smile on the faces of his pet parents and everyone he meets.

Unfortunately, there was little to smile about when Benny recently stopped eating and fell ill. A Sunday trip to the emergency room revealed Benny had a congenital liver shunt, requiring medication and a special low-protein diet. Yet, never one to fear anything, Benny soldiered on with a goofy, wrinkly grin on his face, never worse for the wear.

“He’s such a trooper. He literally only eats his diet, dry or canned,” says Jillian. “Luckily, he really likes it!”

Don’t think that stops Benny from trying to get extra nibbles, though! “He’ll ring the potty training bells to go outside and try to eat grass when he can,” laughs Jillian, “and he loves his toothpaste, which makes his dental care interesting. I sometimes think he even dreams about food because his mouth and tongue move when he sleeps.”

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$10,000+ (so far) for treating a liver shunt, bladder stones, and ear and skin infections

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