lights camera action

lights camera action
Posted by on May 23 2011

Life moves pretty fast for renowned pet photographer Amanda Jones and her globetrotting Dachshunds, Benny and Lily. Lily’s flown probably 25 times in her life,” recalls Amanda. Despite her frequent flyer status, during a recent two-week trip to California, Lily was grounded by a viral blood infection aggravated by travel stress. “The vet gave her a 50/50 chance,” says Amanda. “Emotionally, it beat me up. It really taught me a lesson – you really have to be careful when traveling with a senior dog.” In danger of bleeding out, Lily stayed in the hospital for six days, battling for her life and receiving blood transfusions from a Greyhound. The treatment would cost a small fortune (and the entire profit from the trip), but it saved Lily’s life. Back at home, Lily is still on steroids but improving daily – enough so that she can finally get her senior portrait taken. “Lily’s my delicate flower,” says Amanda, “She’s pivotal to me and my work – she’s my inspiration.”

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