look before you leap

look before you leap
Posted by on May 24 2011

Superstitious? Then we’ve got a tail for you. The scary part? It’s actually true; according to Petplan claims data, orange cats are up to twice as likely to have an accident than their superstition-laden, black cat counterparts. Jethro, Petplan’s resident cat (and fetch! magazine’s Associate Petitor) is no exception. One afternoon, in what is best described as pursuing his journalistic instincts, Jethro nudged open a top-floor window, sauntered after a starling, lost his footing and fell four stories to the sidewalk below. Luckily Jethro’s vet (and dad!) was nearby, so help was immediately at hand. Shaken and obviously in pain, precautionary X-rays revealed a close call, but thankfully, one that Jethro recovered from in full (after a few days off to recover, of course). Should his curiosity ever get the best of him again, his Petplan coverage provides absolute peace of mind, no matter what the cost.

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jules benson & melissa crispin

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$850 for X-rays + observation

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philadelphia, pa