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on the go

Gidget is always on the go — from nose work classes to posing for budding photographer (and proud pet parent!) Laurie, this dog is happy with her hobbies. But the constant need to go took on a new meaning when Gidget endured several urinary tract infections (UTIs). “She was drinking so much water,” recalls Laurie, “she would not come up for air!”


Laurie soon noticed Gidget’s mood swings were just as odd as the recurring UTIs. A holistic veterinarian diagnosed a hormonal disorder, so Gidget took to acupuncture and Chinese supplements to get back in balance. Thankfully, Laurie’s budget stayed steady with help from Petplan. “I’m so happy to have pet insurance, even when we don’t have to use it for a while.”

9-year-old border collie

lives in
schaumburg, il

unexpected tail
$556 for UTIs and hormonal imbalance

policies by AGCS Marine Insurance Company, an Allianz company

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