out of the blocks

out of the blocks
Posted by on Dec 30 2014

Like many shelter pets, all Oliver ever wanted for the howl-idays was a home. So when Dorrie opened her heart to this caring kitty in need, she found a friend for life. But nothing prepared her for a ruff start to their relationship.

Oliver needed to be quarantined for over two months due to ringworm, and was also diagnosed with the highly contagious feline herpes virus. Despite the bumpy beginning, Dorrie never lost faith in her furry companion — including recently, when he started unexpectedly vomiting all over the house. Suspecting her curious kitty may have fetched a seriously dangerous snack, Dorrie brought Oliver to the vet, where diagnostics revealed dryer sheets and feathers causing a blockage in his intestines.

“Thankfully, he passed them on his own the next day,” admits Dorrie, who avoided a bitter bill to swallow thanks to Oliver’s cat insurance with Petplan. “He’s very healthy now. I’m just thankful that we never gave up on him.”

With a clear tummy and a clean bill of health, Oliver is back to fetching love — with anything but dryer sheets, which are now kept out of paw’s reach!

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$1,340 for foreign body ingestion

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