out of the blue

out of the blue
Posted by on Jul 11 2017

Cats may not always land on their feet, but they do have a way of landing in our hearts — and Wynton is no exception.

This gentle feline once took a troubling tumble when a houseguest accidentally left the terrace door open. Wynton’s mom, Chandi, returned home to find he had fallen nine stories from the balcony onto a roof. In shock and suffering from multiple injuries, Wynton arrived at the vet in need of a miracle. Remarkably, after weeks of watchful care and healing, he made a full recovery.

“I thought Wyn was a goner. To have him restored was a true miracle,” reflects Chandi. “He is my little living, breathing, beautiful talisman who reminds me daily how precious life is.

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$10,000 for injuries from a high-rise fall