passport to health

passport to health
Posted by on Jun 27 2016

Sometimes love is the passport to health and happiness — such is the case for Pinot, whose pet parents looked past her patchy fur when they adopted her. “She looked like a mess. But she was so sweet, we couldn’t just leave her!” recalls mom Jill, senior art director at Petplan. “We were told she was missing fur from neglect, but after it grew back and fell out again, we thought it had to be something else.”

Her vet immediately thought hypothyroidism. Sure enough, Pinot tested positive for it — and was also found to have arthritis. After beginning treatment for both, she finally showed her true colors. “She was like a brand new dog,” Jill smiles. “Her fur grew back, and she was more alert and energetic than ever before.”

8-year-old german shepherd mix

lives in
philadelphia, pa

unexpected tail
$527 for hypothyroidism, $769 for arthritis