a pawfect fit

a pawfect fit
Posted by on Sep 09 2014

Finding your perfect fit and hoping you click can seem like a daunting task, but when Jaime and Jason met Abby, an energetic 9-month-old foster dog from Philly ACCT with no shortage of paw-sonality, they knew they had met their match.

A perfect fit doesn’t guarantee a perfectly healthy pup, though, and Abby battled an ear infection, gastrointestinal issues and torn toenails before she became a member of the Petplan family. Then, after many months with no health concerns, this normally voracious eater went on a hunger strike.

“It wasn’t like her not to clean her bowl,” admits Jaime, who was able to coax Abby to eat for a few days before she started refusing. Knowing that could mean any number of things, they took her to the vet. All of her tests came back normal. “That’s when we realized her appetite changes coincided with some recent schedule changes, and because she’s prone to anxiety, it was enough to throw her off her game.”

Thankfully, a prescription for anti-anxiety medication (and some Pepcid®!) helped to settle her stomach, and she is now back to licking the bowl spotless!

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