Posted by on Mar 23 2016

Life as a kitten is pretty purr-fect — naps in the sun, cuddling up to pet parents and sprinting like you’ve stolen the dog’s favorite toy. But accidents can happen if you don’t quit “kitten” around (we’re looking at you, Pippin!). During a game of peek-a-boo, Pippin was smacked in the eye by his kitten sibling, Willow. And that teeny claw caused a big corneal ulcer.

Pippin saw a veterinary eye doctor for the severe scratch, and a graft was placed in surgery. Though the vet bill was fur-raising, Pippin’s dad, John, didn’t have to blink twice about the eye-saving surgery. As for Pippin? Kittens are as resilient as they are playful, so he was back to batting Willow in no time.


5-month-old Domestic Shorthair

lives in
Philadelphia, PA

unexpected tail
$2,275 for treatment of corneal ulcer