playtime on paws

playtime on paws
Posted by on Mar 31 2015

Like many Havanese pups, Spike loves to play the family comedian. But when this peppy pup’s tricky knees went wacky, his family had to press pause on the clowning around.

“Spike’s normally very active and loves being the center of attention,” says his mom, Jeanine. But after having surgery to repair a ruptured cruciate, “it was hard to restrict him,” she admits. “We had to set up baby gates and keep him relaxed.” To make matters worse, Spike blew out his other knee just a few months later.

Those back-to-back (er, knee-to-knee!) surgeries not only took a toll on Spike and his family, but also their budget, with each cruciate costing several thousand dollars to repair. Thankfully, Spike’s pet insurance was there to lend a paw — allowing his family to pursue hydrotherapy and laser therapy in hopes of an easier recovery.

“It was amazing how quickly he began to heal once we started the laser therapy,” beams Jeanine, who is all smiles now that her best friend is back on his paws. “Petplan allowed Spike to heal in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

I’m not sure we could have done all we did without them.”

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$5,679 for surgery and treatment of bilateral cruciate ligaments

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