putting health problems on ice

putting health problems on ice
Posted by on May 25 2012

For some dogs, the sound of the fridge opening is enough to make them come running. For Guinness, it’s the ice maker, which just so happens to dispense his favorite frozen treat – ice cubes.

“He likes anything wet,” laughs his pet dad Bill. “Except when it’s time to take a bath, of course.”

Unfortunately for Guinness, his love of water can lead to problems with his large, floppy ears, which need to be cleaned twice weekly to stay dry and healthy. While his ears have been fine thanks to his pet parent’s diligent care, Guinness has had other equally wet problems.

This past January, Bill noticed Guinness was spotting and not full emptying his bladder when he went to the bathroom. A trip to the vet revealed Guinness had a urinary tract infection (UTI), which required a round of antibiotics (Clavamox). Thankfully, the issue resolved fairly quickly. “The next step would have been to look into specialty food to help dissolve the urinary crystals, which Petplan covers, but we’re glad we didn’t have to go down that road.”

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