a ruff patch

a ruff patch
Posted by on Sep 09 2014

The road to happiness is often paved with “ruff” patches. When Stephanie first met Harry in 2003, the 5-month-old puppy didn’t even know how to play with a toy. Hand-shy and scared of men, Harry’s first night at home was harried until Stephanie soothed his whimpers by singing him to sleep. With gentle care and support, she continued to give Harry space and slowly introduce him to the world. After six months of love, Harry came out from behind his paws and became the happy pup Stephanie knew he could be.

“He’s funny, smart and good with kids,” she beams. “He even goes into schools to help demonstrate the proper way to approach a dog safely,” the subject of a book called May I Pet Your Dog?, written by Stephanie and starring Harry.

Knowing that Dachshunds are prone to back issues, Stephanie insured Harry with Petplan and trained him not to jump on furniture. But life is full of surprises, and in 2010, Harry broke a tooth and needed three extractions. Thankfully, Petplan was there to take the bite out of the bill, and Harry’s newfound smile is brighter than ever!

12-year-old longhaired dachshund

unexpected tail
$852 for a fractured tooth

lives in
new york, ny