running from trouble

running from trouble
Posted by on Dec 30 2014

It takes a lot of pawsonality to be the top dog in a two-hound household, but Inga wags her tail at the challenge. The alpha dog of Ken and Wayne’s pack, she loves leading paws for her Whippet sister, Ili, during games of Frisbee® or frolics on the beach — but being the first in her furry family to suffer a serious illness wasn’t what this sight hound had envisioned.

Two years ago, Ken and Wayne got quite a scare when Inga suddenly fell very ill. “She was losing weight and had severe diarrhea for several days,” Ken recalls. “She even started vomiting blood. The vet thought she might have lymphoma.” An endoscopy and biopsy led to a diagnosis of protein-losing enteropathy and inflammatory bowel disease, requiring daily antibiotics and other medications. Thankfully, after a couple of weeks on the plan and a strict feeding regimen, Inga was back in fit form and so was Ken’s budget, with a lending paw from Petplan. “I’m so glad we have insurance for our pets,” he admits. “You never know when something will happen.”

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$3,893 for protein-losing enteropathy and inflammatory bowel disease

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