scratching the surface

scratching the surface
Posted by on Feb 28 2014

As a 5-month-old German Shepherd, Zeek is just scratching the surface of what it means to be a puppy. But he’s already zooming in on his favorite activities.

“He doesn’t realize how big he actually is,” laughs Jenny, who adopted Zeek from a family member who was unable to keep up with his boundless energy and paws-on approach to relationships. “He thinks he’s a lap dog. He prefers to be on top of anyone touching him.” That extra TLC led Jenny’s friend Megan, a seasoned vet tech of 10 years, to first notice a sign of trouble. A trip to the vet confirmed Zeek was suffering from seasonal allergies.

“We first saw signs of allergy issues in the fall because of his dry skin and constant itching,” Jenny recalls. “Now I keep him comfortable with fish oil supplements, as well as a strict diet and specific treats. If his condition gets worse, I’ll be able to get help with the recurring costs thanks to Petplan.” Which means less time scratching and more time focusing on fun!

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$500 to $20,000+ if Zeek's allergies become a lifelong problem

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