seeing through adversity

seeing through adversity
Posted by on Feb 16 2012

To her neighbors in the East Falls area of Philadelphia, Reina is “the dog with the Frisbee.” But to her pet parents, she’s much more. So when Arlene noticed Reina’s right eye was cloudy and milky, she rushed her off to the vet.

Reina’s vet suspected eye trauma and sent her home with antibiotic eye drops. But weeks of ineffective treatment (and Reina bumping into trees) led to a referral with a veterinary ophthalmologist, who diagnosed Reina with pannus — an immune mediated corneal disease common in German Shepherds. In pannus, the pet’s corneal surface and conjunctiva (membrane that covers the inner surface of the eyelid) become inflamed, affecting the cornea’s transparency and eventually, if untreated, can cause loss of sight.Thankfully, Reina’s condition was caught early.

While Reina will need eye drops up to three times daily for the rest of her life, Arlene is confident Reina will see her way through it. “She’s smart as a whip, and she’s got a lot to say, too. She always has to have the last word!”

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$630 (so far) pannus, with lifelong treatment costing $3,000+

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