a shore thing

a shore thing
Posted by on Jul 11 2017

Life’s a beach during the dogs of summer — but sun and sand isn’t always fun and games.

After a day at the shore, Phoebe had progressively worse diarrhea. When she started showing signs of dehydration, her mom Laura took her straight to the ER, where the vet took X-rays to look for a possible blockage. Sure enough, compacted sand was moving very slowly through Phoebe’s intestines.

“She was digging into the cold, wet sand, like so many dogs do normally to cool down,” says Laura. “I just didn’t realize she was ingesting that wet sand at the same time.” Phoebe spent two nights in the hospital under observation and was given fluids until the sand passed. She has since bounced back to her adventure-loving self.


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$2,020 for diarrhea