a shot of reality

a shot of reality
Posted by on May 23 2011

As a rescue from the Midwest, Bonnie came to Dodie Bump after a hunting accident left her partially deaf and full of buckshot. Bonnie lives a much quieter life now, but even the quiet life isn’t free from accidents. One day, on an otherwise unremarkable walk with Dodie, Bonnie tore the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in her right knee – an injury that would require surgery.

The night after surgery, Dodie tended to Bonnie’s every need, including carrying her outside to go to the bathroom. “The first night was really bad. I slept on the couch with my hand on her back the whole night.” A week later, Bonnie was able to take short walks again. “She still limps a little,” says Dodie, “but I’ve been taking her to physical therapy and that seems to help. She’s a classic ‘velcro’ Springer – always by my side.”

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$1,912 for surgery to repair a torn ACL

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