singing in the rain

singing in the rain
Posted by on May 25 2012

Living near the beach would be a dream for most water-loving pups, but for Malachi, it created quite an itchy situation.

“Shiba Inus are notorious for skin allergies,” explains Malachi’s pet parent, Aisling. “I tried everything, including feeding him home -cooked diets. Luckily, once we moved away from the beach, his problems resolved.”

One problem that Malachi couldn’t escape was a compressed lumbar disc near his tail. A change in his behavior prompted Aisling to schedule a trip to the vet, and X-rays confirmed Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

Aisling has always been a proponent of combining modern and complementary medicine, so in addition to traditional treatments, Malachi receives acupuncture every other week and takes “Dog Gone Pain,” a natural joint supplement covered by his Petplan pet insurance.

“He starts to feel better, then gets going too fast and we need to pull back, but he’s improving,” admits Aisling. Which means Malachi can get back to one of his favorite activities: singing along with the piano. “He surprises me every day. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

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$1,415 for ivdd and superficial pyoderma

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